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About The Cave

The Cave has been active for about twelve years, getting recording work mostly by word-of-mouth references. It's a relatively small project studio but well equipped with a full range of recording gear and sound proof rooms.


I have recorded a lot of different types of music for many different projects. Rock, jazz, folk, bluegrass, latin, country, ambient, undefinable - music for CDs and tapes, music for video and theatre, sound edits for whatever - it's all been through here.

client list

Digital - MIDI - Analogue

The Cave has modern digital tape machines (ADAT and RDAT), computer-based audio recording and editing (MOTU Digital Performer 5.13, with MOTU and Presonus mike preamps/digital interfaces), MIDI interfaces and equipment, and even an old-fashioned professional analogue tape machine, so you can pick the technique and sound you like. An equipment list is here. Below are some pics of some of the gear. Not all of the gear is shown here.

equipment list

Experienced Recording Guy - Kevin Jacobson

I have been playing music on various instruments and I've been messing with computers, recording gizmos and such toys as long as I can remember. It's fun. I have had my own multitrack recording system in my house for the last twelve years or so, and have done a wide range of recording projects. I have a very technical background (electrical engineering) so I can figure out what all the knobs and software do, and I took recording courses at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton.


Last update May 26, 2013