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Korg BX-3/CX-3 Parts

I have a wrecked Korg CX-3 which I am parting out. This is the original CX-3 from 1979, not the modern digital/MIDI one. The CX-3 was the first Hammond B3 electronic clone that sounded reasonably close to an actual B3. The CX-3 is a single manual keyboard with drawbars, and Korg came out with a dual manual version, the BX-3, the following year. Parts for these keyboards are extremely hard to come by.

This CX-3 has been cannibalized to repair various other keyboards, but I have some parts left. I swapped some parts to a BX-3. I have the keyboard assembly missing a few keys. I can sell off the individual keys and the springs and rubber footings to go with them for $18 each (plus shipping). The drawbar assembly is intact and fully operational. There are three printed circuit boards: KLM-245C (from a BX-3), KLM-244C missing the LSI chips (these can be obtained from Parastream), and a KLM-246C. I also have the wooden case, but it is pretty beat up.

A typical key (A) looks like this:

The keys will work in both the CX-3 and the BX-3 (the old ones - not the new ones).

Demand has been quite steady for these hard-to-find keys. I ony have the following left: B, C, and G in good shape. I have an E key with a broken foot that can be glued. I have lots of black keys left (nobody ever seems to break those!).

The drawbar/circuit board panel:

The drawbar/circuit board panel has been sold!

Contact me at
kevin at cavemusic dot ca
if you need parts.

Korg BX-3/CX-3 Information


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Last update May 26, 2013