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Another Electro-Voice 664

In a previous entry, I talked about a cool old mic, an Electro-Voice 664 dynamic mic from late 1950 to early 1960s, I had in for repair.  I found one for sale for cheap. It's a little different from the one I had in for repair.

This one has different side vents, and a different label and logo. The four pin cable connector at the mic end is a bit different too. It's easy to change from high to low impedance just by pulling the pin out from position 2 to 3. On the first mic, I had to resolder the wire into another pin. Here are a few pics of this mic.


My EV664 dynamic mic.


EV664 - label plate.


My EV664 - side view.


It sounds pretty decent, but it needs a bit of eq.   Right now I have it set up as my talk-back mic, but I'll probably try it out on a few instruments.  I've heard people use it on kick drum, guitar amps, and upright bass.  Apparently ZZTop has used these mics on their stage show, but they had the capsules replaced. See this for example. I guess it's mostly for show. I've seen pics of Arcade Fire using them too. There are a bunch of pics here. For comparison, see the other one over here.

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  1. I used it as a vocal mic mainly because it was very difficult to make it feed back and it was nearly indestructible. Great for use on the road back in the late 1960s. By the way I still have the one I bought in 1965 and I am using the original 4-pin mic connector with a new ProCo 223B shielded mic cable and a new phone plug on the amp end. Still works great!

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